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Modellbau-König – Your Onlineshop for Models

Plastic modelling is a fascinating hobby that inspires young and old. Who wants to build models, needs not only steady hands and a lot of patience, but also the suitable accessories. Our webshop offers you more than 90.000 different products by over 600 manufacturers spread over more than 520 categories. Our speciality is military modelling and the associated accessories. You can also find appropriate literature. We also offer civil models like automobiles and trucks as well as scifi models by famous movies and series like Star Trek, Star Wars and Space:1999. Whether airplane modelling, ship modelling, figures or military vehicles – this is where you’ll find them.

Model making accessories – favorably ordered and quick delivered

We offer you a worldwide shipping and a fast delivery by DHL or UPS. Thanks to our high warehouse availability there ar no long waiting times. In addition to modelling kits by renowned manufactures like Amusing Hobby, Takom Models, Trumpeter, Meng Models or Zoukei-Mura we have modelparts for example by Eduard, CMK, DEF Model and Quickboost. You are looking for figures? We help you with articles by ICM, Stalingrad, Miniart and U-Models. Are you rather interested in colors by Tamiya, Ak Interactive, Lifecolor, Gunze Sangyo or Hataka? Then you are also on the right place. Furthermore, we sell helpful tools and popular classic models as relaunch under our own label Modellbau-König. Please feel free to take a look at the corresponding categories and place your order. Are you not totally conclusive and need professional guidance? Trust our longstanding experience (since 2001) and benefit by our excellent support, which is characterized by fast response times and a high satisfaction rate. Many of our employees even have decades of experience in plastic modelling and can well empathize your request.

Modelling kits and modelparts

Our assortment comprises different modelling kits in various range of subjects, including military vehicles of Wehrmacht, German armed forces, USA and Soviet Union, airplanes like the Britisch Spitfire and the German Uhu or spaceships and scifi models like the Enterprise or Battlestar Galactica. For beginners we have a selection of prepainted models, which are easy to plug together, completely without glue. For advanced persons and real plastic modelling specialists we have complex models in scales like 1:35, 1:48, 1:72, 1:350 and 1:700, which partly consists of several hundreds of pieces. You want to make your models by Dragon Models, Trumpeter, IBG and other manufacturers look more faithfully? Then you need the appropriate modelparts and modification articles. These are also available in our shop, among others by producers like Friul, RB-Model, Royal Model, Paragrafix and Flyhawk. More details are hardly possible. You would like to have a model, but you have no craftsmanship or not enough time for plastic modelling? No problem. We also offer finished models of tanks, airplanes and ships, which you have only to place attractive.

Modelling colors and modelling tools

To paint models is a skill, that not everyone has mastered. In addition to a steady hand you need appropriate colours, which are easy to use and kept their intensity for a long time. In our assortment you can find colours of colour ranges by more than 15 different producers, for example oil-based paint by Abt. 502, acrylic paint by AMMO of Mig or Revell as well as enamel paint by Humbrol. Of course, we offer extensive accessories and tools like brushes, airbrush guns, files, drills, sanding needles, resin saws, hold and fold workstations and much more.

Modelmaking figures

Do you finally like to place your plastic or resin kits in a vignette or in a diorama? No matter how exactly constructed or painted your tanks, airplanes or ships are – to make them alive you need matching figures. Whether Wehrmacht, Royal Navy, US Navy, NATO or Warsaw Pact – we have the suitable staff for the different scenarios by manufacturers like Evolution, Master Box, Valkyrie, Dolp or Verlinden. In our categories Vegetation and Buildings & Accessories you also can find various accessories for the peripheral design. Whether houses and bunkers or trees and stones, there you can find the right environment for your model.

Specialised literature: Magazines and periodicals about plastic modelling

Our modelmaking magazines and periodicals will keep you up to date concerning new plastic modelling products and impart an awful lot of expert knowledge. Broad your mind with English magazines like AFV Modeller and Abrams Squad or get inspirations for new projects by German print media like Modellfan and Steel Master.

Our bonus program

For smart shoppers we have not only constantly sensational special offers, but also a bonus program, that rewards you for your loyalty. We will apply bonus points to your account for each online purchase at Modellbau-König, as soon as the order is handled. For each Cent turnover you get one point, that is 100 points for each Euro turnover. With 25.000 you will reach bronze level. Therewith delivery in Germany is free of charge for orders over 40,00 Euro (only in Germany). For collecting more bonus points, you additionally get the following discounts:

 125.000 Points (silver): 5 %,
 250.000 Points (gold): 7,5 % and
 1.000.000 Points (platinum): 7,5 % PLUS 2,5 % extra discount from your last online annual turnover (as a voucher).

 More information about our bonus program can be found here.


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