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GFF Eagle IV EKT / FüPers 2013

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Appears soon
We expect to arrive at middle / end of August 2024
Expected to be released middle / end of August 2024
Stock Alert
New plastic kit for an Eagle IV, buildable as EKT or FüPers 2013
  • Scale 1:35
  • Highly detailed 2 in 1 kit
  • Can be built as an EKT (operational camera team) or FüPers (command staff) construction lot 2013
  • with interior
  • With photo-etched parts
  • Finely detailed vinyl tires
  • clear plastic parts included
  • Cover masks and mirror film included
  • 4 marking options
  • unbuilt/unpainted
  • Paint and glue not included
   Pre-order price valid until 16.06.2024, inclusive.  

The Eagle IV is based on the Mowag Duro truck because the Hummer chassis was no longer sufficient for the weight of almost nine tons of the extended armor. Depending on the cabin structure, it offers space for up to six people and a small loading area as well as protection against mines, ballistic projectiles (handheld weapons) and explosive devices.
The engine with 242 hp is a diesel engine, permanent four-wheel drive with automatic transmission and can handle slopes of up to 60%. The vehicle driver is provided with current vehicle data and camera images via an electronic and optical display; The car also has an air regulation system for the tires and a smoke spray system.
Like the “normal” Eagle, the version of the operational camera squad (EKT) is equipped with a weapon station, smoke cups and of course the same ballistic protection. The special feature of this version is the extendable camera mast on the rear roof. There is a powerful camera on this that the EK squad can use to create film footage from the protected vehicle, including combat situations, for the higher-level command. The camera can be extended 1.86 m upwards from its resting position on the vehicle roof in order to take pictures from cover or from an elevated position (around 5 m) for a better overview.
In addition, the Eagle IV EKT is equipped with a satellite connection, which enables the film data to be transferred promptly or even broadcast live.
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