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Bibi Onigiri Flat / extra dünne Feile

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Manufacturer: SHINSENGUMI
article number: MCD22814
Scale: 1:35

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- Following expire We have been well received in the single rasp second generation Oniki, the thin blade demon Zan, as it is sharpness of Oniki, thinner, rather than more maneuverability listen rasp of, fine and beautiful cutting skin, sharpen we have developed a cut single rasp [Bibioniki].
- Bibioniki is a good single rasp thin, sharp and narrow.
- Flat, round, triangular, has a square of four, it will help in cutting or face out of various places.
- Is one of the most skilled craftsman file increments of one by one the eye by hand in Japan, we have lined up beautifully cutting edge is a feature.
- Flat it has a width of about 2.8mm, the thickness of 1.2mm. Circle, triangle, square has become a tapered, round up to about 2mm, triangle of width up to about 3mm, square of the width has a maximum of approximately 2.5mm of width.
- Although precise file of this size is the often multiple eyes, Bibioniki asked the beauty of the sharpener trace, has adopted a single eye.
- Flat on the fine surface out, round the fine Earl out, triangle is the cutting of the sharp mold, square is ideal for cutting edgy.

- This product is for to maximize the sharpness, it has been subjected to quenching in a single eye. Therefore, there is some distortion or bending the cutting edge, but there is no use on the problem.

- Bibioniki standard
Total length: about 150mm
· Blade length: about 40mm
· Eye shape: single eye

Item Size/Weight : 21 x 7 x 0.3 cm / 9g

contain 1 pierce



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