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27.09.2014 - week's news - calendar week 39

The big hit this week was definitely the delivery of the brand newPanzerhaubitze 2000 by Meng Models. All pre-orders should have this the next days at home. In addition, the new M3A3 Bradley and the separate interior set for Meng also arrived.
Panzerart delights us with a new heap accessory sets in 1:35 that also are in stock now.
Moreover, somenews are on pre-order as the late St-Chamond and the 30.5 cm mortar of Takom and the special edition of Italeri tanks in collaboration with World of Tanks.
And who has rubbed his eyes this week, when you visit our site - yes, we are now introducing a new logo! We want to take a step into the future, because the old logo has been obsolete since elimination of our garden railway department.
Please have a look through our "New Products" section tob be sure not to miss anything!

19.09.2014 - week's news - calendar week 38

This week we finally get the brand new M48A2GA in 1:35 from Revell - and looks really good!
For Lseratten we got the new Tiger I on the Battlefield book and the new Panzerwrecks # 17 delivered.
as absolute blockbuster for the Christmas season we have the 1:35 SCUD-C of trumpeter currently for cheap Preorder for you . The model will then be released in November.
Also pre-order the new AMX-30 is of Meng.
This week delivered and available new offers from Revell, a whole bunch of fliers Special Hobby and some nice, new Drytransfer- Sets by Adam Wilder.

12.09.2014 - week's news - calendar week 37

This week we have the ICM novelties, such as the idiosyncratic AHN 3.5t truck in 1:35 or the Do-215 night fighter in 1:48 for you.
Of Friulmodel we have received a large shipment and the stocks filled up - a great novelty, namely 1:35 track links for Löwe and Bär!
Now available for pre-order is the new "Tiger on the Battlefield" book of Peko Publishing. This is expected to arrive here in the next 2 weeks. The same applies to the brand new book by Canfora Publishing "A world of Dioramas." - Per Olav Lund here shows masterful dioramas and how to create
For the armor model builders are now the Ding Hao and AFV 1:35 Novelties on preorder, such as the IDF Sho't Kal GIMEL 1982 or the British 3 inch gun Churchill tank & Snake tubes
Next week the new 1:1800 scale Space 1999 moonbase will be available.
We wish you a nice weekend.

05.09.2014 - week's news - calendar week 35/36

For personal reasons we missed last weeks news, therefore this time a review of the last two weeks.
We have received from Hobby Boss the long-awaited T-35 and also the current Trumpeter novelties have arrived and are on stock.
Also available from Trumpeter is the 1: 200 Iowa BB-61 and by Merit the 1:350s Intrepid CV-11
From Ammo of Mig and AK-Interactive we have received large deliveries and thus replenished our stocks. From AK there were also 20 new colors.
Pre-order is now for the new "How to build the Leopard Family" from the famous "How to" series of ADH.
Also on pre-orderand in late September allegedly available is the long-awaited Panzer III Ausf.B of Miniart. Who wants to have one, should preorder
Masterbox brings in his first set with zombies in 1:35 - They should already be in stock soon
And for bookworms are the new Panther book from Schneider Armour research and of course the new Panzerwrecks #17 recommended for pre-order - the former to come in October and the latter in September.


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