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26.06.2015 - week's news - calendar week 26

This week we have taken a first big bang for pre-order in the shop. 75 x 60cm when built is the Horsa Glider by Bronco in 1:35 scale! With us you can yet order it for a reasonable preorder price.
Just arrived are the very latest news from Hobby Boss and Trumpeter.
A load of new barrels we have received from Master and additionally replenished stocks again
In addition, we are pleased that we can offer you the very beautiful figures of 1:35 EVOLUTION shortly - we have them already unlocked in the shop. So you can already pre-order at will.
Many ranges have been replenished and partially filled with new products ... Just have a closer look through our online shop.
DHL strike is actually still valid. Sometimes there are delays of up to 2 weeks. We would like to point out again that we offer also UPS as an alternative shipping option in Germany and several other countries.

19.06.2015 - week's news - calendar week 25

This week a few nice new kits found their way to us. Above all, the hotly anticipated Panhard 178 of ICM in 1:35. Furthermore, the current news from 1:35 AFV Club and Hobby Fan arrived. Here one looks forward in particular to the new M60A1.
The brand new book "Huns on Wheels" on the Hungarian army has arrived with a first package and are already sent out to the pre-order customers. A second package is still on its way thanks to DHL. If you wnat one of the author signed books, you should definitely pre-order one today.
Speaking of books ... The thick tome "Super King" of AFV Modeller to build with references the 1:16 Tiger II is with us now 20 euros cheaper available as good limited quality print (in fact it is just the too light front page).
And when it comes to bargains ... since we currently have the kits of 8,8cm Pak L/71 and the weapons carrier of Alan in 1:35 per 9,99 Euro as Super Special Offer! Also on preorder are both legendary Tiger 6252 and 6253 (initial and late)from Dragon as a long-awaited re-issue and as a convenient twin pack. These were sold in the last few months on Ebay for each well over 100 Euro
Of Dragon is the great Patriot system with HEMMT also on pre-order
And two further highlights that we expect and can be pre-ordered from us are the 1:35 Mark V of Meng Models and the Focke Wulf Ta 152 H-0 in 1:32 of Zoukei Mura!
And last but not least is the Panzer IV Ausf.J in large 1:16 scale of Trumpeter for cheap Preorder order price to be ordered
IMPORTANT: Due to the current strike situation at DHL, there is still massive delays in packet transport and there is still no end in sight. Think about when ordering whether UPS would not be a better option for you !?

12.06.2015 - week's news - calendar week 24

For today's Week in Review, we have good and bad news for you. The bad news first: Trumpeter has raised prices by 15-20%, with immediate effect! Prices are successively implemented here in the store, with the coming deliveries. The good news here for you: All you order now at the old prices here, you get at the old price. So take a look if you have long cherished wishes from Trumpeter
Otherwise, this week was relatively quiet. We have added the brand new Mk.V tank of Meng Models in the shop and offer you these at a reasonable Preorder price.
Quite interesting and also on pre-order is the new thick book "Huns on Wheels" on the Hungarian armored troops of 2 .Worldwar - this is due to arrive within the next 2 weeks with us. Attention - it is a special limited supply with autograph of the author. If you want to have one you should not hesitate to pre-order.
Furthermore, we have now got two new 1:35 Dragon items to stock - The Panzer IV A with additional armor and the Marder II early
Otherwise, some new and existing articles came in from Eduard, Quick Wheel and other manufacturers.

05.06.2015 - week's news - calendar week 23

Earlier this week, two current blockbuster kits have arrived - on the one hand, the FUG of the Bundeswehr in scale 1:35 made by Takom as well as the brand new Leopard 2 A4 of Meng. All pre-orders should have already be delivered.
Also lready available, we have the latest news from Miniart as the Panzer III Ausf.C.
MR model has provided us this week with a major new impetus of beautiful accessories and conversion kits
The current Tankograd innovations are already within reach - you can pre-order these from us already and they get delivered right once they are here at the warehouse.
Also on pre-order and available about the middle of the month will be the brand new conversion kit of Flakturm 41 on Panther chassis in 1:35 scale of Custom Scale
Other new kits that we already got delivered and replenished the stash are the latest products of ACE, UM, Dolp, Mach 2, etc. Just look around in our category "New Products" category!



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