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X-wing Fighter 1:48 Master Series

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Manufacturer: Revell
article number: REV15091
Scale: 1:48

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Manufacturer: Revell

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    - A challenging construction kit with more than 140 parts in cooperation with Finemolds
    - A scale model figure of a pilot and an astromechdroid
    - Multi-part wing and engine elements
    - Landing gear can be assembled in the extended or retracted position
    - Display Stand
    - Assembly instructions with paint schemes
    - Comprehensive decal set

This is the most important rebel alliance fighter and one of the most powerful single-seat space ships ever produced. The T-65 X-wing Fighter owes its name to the double wings one above the other that form an X in combat in order to increase the firing range of the pilot. In addition to four high-energy laser cannon the X-wing Fighter has proton torpedoes, deflector shields, hyper drive and a navigation droid. Luke Skywalker prefers this type of fighter. It was used by the young Jedi to destroy the first Death Star in the Battle of Yavin. The X-wing Fighter quickly proved to be one of the most effective military aircraft in the galaxy. The unusual wing design of the T-65 is frequently regarded as the success formula of the space ship. The pair of twin wings remains closed during normal flights under the speed of light. In combat and on entry into the atmosphere of a planet, they can be extended. On the wing tips are high-energy laser cannon that can be fired singly, simultaneously, in pairs or in other combinations.



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