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Manufacturer: Revell
article number: REV4990
Scale: 1:6

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Manufacturer: Revell

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injection-plastic model kit
scale 1:6


The Cylons are a race of sensitive robots with a human-like form. They were created by the inhabitants of the 12 colonies, some 60 years before the Second Cylon War, which ended with the collapse of the 12 colonies. Over the course of decades delicate forms have developed out of the original bulky shapes, originally planned as soldiers.
The purely mechanical Cylons are designated Centurions according to their original military role. The deadly and very efficient Centurions form the backbone of infantry units in the Cylon army. They are over six feet tall and have a ruby-red optical scanner instead of eyes, which is externally discernible as a running light. Despite their massive metal construction their appearance is still humanoid: they have a head, two arms, a torso and two legs. They are however able to unfold their hands to expose a built-in weapons system with which they can fire high velocity projectiles with great penetrating power. Their robust metal exterior can withstand small arms fire, only explosive projectiles are able to incapacitate or even destroy them.

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- Kit also suitable for beginners
- Multi-part head
- Typical visor
- Multi-part legs with protective armour
- Right arm with a retracted, large-calibre weapon in the forearm cladding
- Left arm with bent wrist and extended, heavy calibre weapon
- Diverse and separate sections of the limbs
- Separate and delicately crafted fingers
- Large torso elements with separate back and chest plates
- Large area display panel



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