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M1A1 Abrams/M2A2 Bradleys MCD Enhancement Set

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Manufacturer: ECHELON
article number: ECH356001
Scale: 1:35

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Pre-cut, highly reflective "goldish" surface for the MCD part on the USMC M1A1s. Some M2A2 Bradleys were also fitted with MCDs during OIF. Currently, the reflector fits only on Tamiya's 1/35 part surface, it has not been tested on other kits' MCDs. This set comes with 4 pre-cut pieces (inclusive of 1 spare). Each MCD comes with labels on both sides of the box, and also a data plate on the left side of the base top. The labels are represented by waterslide decals (3 sets). The data plates are represented by black printed ink on a reflective silver/mirror-like surface. These will need to be cut out manually using a fresh blade. Cross-hairs are provided to guide the cuts. 6 of these are provided (inclusive of 3 spares just in case of a few misguided cuts).
The reflectors and data plates are approximately 100 microns thick, slightly thinner than most confetti / spangle materials out there, but thick enough to ensure stiffness of the surface, so that the reflections don't look distorted. It is best to attach these parts after the model is painted and weathered. White glue is recommended for the job as it does not scar the model nor the reflective parts' surface. When cured, the white glue will hold the parts in place. Or if required the parts can be easily removed by sliding a blade underneathe and flicking it off the model surface.
All in all, an appearance enhancer set enough for three 1/35 MCDs



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