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LSSAH PzIV Ausf.G Kharkov Numbers (Set B Paint Mas

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Manufacturer: ECHELON
article number: ECH356037
Scale: 1:35

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Decalbogen 1:35

The answer for Kharkov LSSAH Panzer IV Ausf. Gs that you\'ve always wanted to build. With masks, you can better decide for yourself what base color(s) the 1.SS tanks ought to be: Panzer Grey; Dark Yellow; Dark Yellow with Dark Green camouflage; or even RED (if you still insist on this)!

Set B comes with a mix of 3 vehicles: 215; 228; and 615. It also comes with a duplicate just in case the first piece is messed up! Masks for balkankreuz are provided and also the generic \"blank out\" for the \"Dietrich\". Due to the complexity of the 1.SS marking and the limitations of the mask cutter, the actual \"Dietrich\" emblem is NOT provided. Therefore, you have to source out your own \"Dietrich\" emblems, either from Dragon\'s Kharkov Ausf G kit (or other kits), or from AXT351016.

This set can be used in conjunction with AXT351016. If you\'re after the cleaner \"getting ready for epic battle\" look when the temporary white wash have been freshly applied, then this set alone is sufficient for that purpose. However, if you prefer an extremely worn-out look on your Ausf Gs such as the excess fading of temporary white wash with the permanent white-outlined turret numbers fully exposed, then AXT351016 is highly recommended to go with this set!

About the material: the low-tack mask material is almost transparent so you can see better of the surface area where each mask goes over. Due to the transparency of the material, the masks can be rather hard to see on the backing sheet. Therefore the edges of each mask is colored so you find each mask easily.




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