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Italian Centauros

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A super comprehensive and versatile generic set of markings for the Italian Centauros used in several operations over the years. Special coverage on the Reggimento Genova Cavallaria (4°) which had most if not all of their unit markings on the set. One of their ROMOR Centauros were seen flying the Jolly Rogers! Other units covered are Reggimento Savoia Cavallaria (3°), Reggimento Lancieri di Novara (5°) and the Folgore Centauros in Somalia.

The standard Centauro markings are properly scaled and based on actual measurements. The green on the Italian flag markings are darker (kits' flags are too light a shade). Digit styles on the orange weight disc are captured from the real examples. Of special mention is the older "25" weight class used by the early Centauros that operated in Somalia. Needful are the silver and black data plates placed on all 8 wheels and all antenna bases.

Vehicle stencilings are as comprehensive as possible that includes several that was omitted on all kits. Actual style of fonts captured. Another special mention are white stencilings used by the early Centauros in Somalia.

All four colours of the pennants are provided, and in two distinct sizes. Also provided are the small white alphabets that you can make up any vehicle name. If that is too much of a chore, you could build after the specific vehicles christened VANESSA (yellow pennant), FULMINE (yellow) and ERESIA (blue).

All the UN vehicles that used UNIFIL registration are provided with photo-etched plates so that you can capture the look and feel of the real thing. Fonts are also carefully captured.

The usual vehicle registration plates are not printed with any vehicle numbers so that you can make up any number depending on your references (generic registration numerics are provided). For the specific markings on the set, you just need to stack / combine the separated vehicle numbers on the unmarked plates.

This is also a set that practically covers all five Trumpeter kit versions: 00386; 00387; 01562; 01563; & 01564 (highlighted in red on the instructions).