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Shermann M4A3(76) - Battle of the Bulge

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Hersteller: DRAGON


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Features erstmal auf Englisch

This kit represents a tank that was instrumental in this Battle. See below for all of the great details and extra parts;

NEW Tooling:
- newly tooled turret, with realistic texturing
- newly tooled M4A3 engine deck
- newly tooled rear hull plate
- completely new parts for the rear hull exhausts
- new racks for the spare track links

METAL parts:
- aluminum 76mm gun barrel
- bonus brass ammo (two types)
- metal tow cable

MORE great features:
- cupola hatch can be assembled as either open or closed
- clear parts for the vision blocks
- MG with hollow muzzle
- photo-etched light guards
- rear hull plate is set at the correct angle (a 1st on the market!)
- individual track links
- BONUS 1/35 U.S. infantrymen (x 4) and tank crew (x 5)

About the M4 Sherman:
The M4 Medium Tank tank was the main tank designed and built by the US for use in World War II. In the UK lend-lease M4s were dubbed M4 General Sherman after Union General William Tecumseh Sherman, continuing a practice of naming American tanks after famous Generals. The name is often shortened to M4 Sherman or simply Sherman, and quickly became popular in the US as well. M4 tanks made in Canada upto 1943 were given the name Grizzly. In the USSR it was nicknamed \'Emcha\'.

It was comparatively fast and maneuverable, reliable, and easy to produce and service and served with the US, British (including Commonwealth), USSR, French, and other allied forces. The Sherman was not just one tank but a whole series that did differ significantly in across models depending on intended role and traits, including the heavily armored and gunned \"Sherman Jumbo\" to the amphibious DD Tanks. After the war, Shermans ended up in other countries\' arsenals, and upgraded versions saw combat in a number of smaller wars in the lat 20th century.

About the Battle of the Bulge:
In mid-December 1944, Hitler launched an offensive against the Allies with over twenty divisions in the Ardennes region of Belgium and Luxembourg. This surprise German attack amounted to a desperate last gamble by Hitler, and came to be known as the Battle of the Bulge. An important American tank that countered and helped straighten out the threatening German \"bulge\" was the American Sherman M4A3 (76mm).