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Tiger I Early Production (Michael Wittmann), 1944

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Manufacturer: DRAGON
article number: 6730
Scale: 1:35

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Manufacturer: DRAGON

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Plastic Model Kit for the legendary S04 Tiger I of Michael Wittmann
- a full set of Michael Wittmann's crew is included in first production run as a BONUS!
- Scale 1:35
- not built/painted
- color & glue not included

Hauptsturmführer Michael Wittmann was one of Germany’s highest-scoring tank aces of WWII, with the credited destruction of 138 tanks and 132 anti-tank guns. He cut his teeth on the Eastern Front with a StuG.III, and later he took command of a Tiger I in time for combat during Operation Citadel at Kursk in July 1943. Dragon has created a magnificent representation of Wittmann’s Tiger I (turret number ‘S04’) with 88 kill marks on barrel. Dragon’s kit appropriately portrays an Early-Production variant, and it forms the important and much-anticipated last piece of Dragon’s exemplary Tiger I family.

This awesome plastic kit made precisely to 1/35 scale shows Wittmann’s Tiger I with 88 kill marks on the lethal 8.8cm gun barrel. These painted barrel rings illustrated the power of the Tiger I as well as the skill of tank ace Wittmann. This brand new kit stems from thorough research and it’s thus accurately designed to represent Wittmann’s ‘S04’ mount. To ensure the absolute highest levels of quality, the majority of components in this special release, like turret, upper hull, engine deck, rear panel, road wheels, spare tracks and etc, are newly tooled and engineered to achieve the engineering level of a Smart Kit, and to provide the unique appearance of this famous Tiger.

Pre-Order price valid until 19.12.2014
Kit will be available around mid/end January 2015



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