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Sd.Kfz.165 Hummel Late Production ~ Smart Kit

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Hersteller: DRAGON
Artikelnummer: 6321
Maßstab: 1:35

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- Plastikbausatz


Fighting Compartment:
- New scale-thickness fighting compartment armor has extra-thin top edge- Fighting compartment armor detailed both inside and out
- Photo-etched parts for fine detail on reverse armor surfaces
- Side ventilation louvers made as fine as possible.
- Fighting compartment rear door can be assembled open/closed
- Slats positioned at correct angle
- Fighting compartment rear plate is slide molded with delicate bolt detail.
- Additional photo-etched parts to represent undercut bolt detail
- Fighting compartment interior arrangement realistically represents original vehicle
- Newly tooled storage box for propellant charges realistically reproduced
- Ammunition box is new with photo-etched detail
- Ammunition box can be assembled open/closed to reveal interior detail
- Fighting compartment interior equipped with Gen2 MG 34 MP 40 & Kar 98K
- MG 34 ammo canisters included photo-etched strap
- First-aid kit with photo-etched mount
- Soft-plastic air hose

Gun & Interior:
- Newly tooled extra-thin gun shield authentically replicated
- Supporting arms for gun shield are newly made
- Gun recoils like the real one
- Slide-molded recoil system for bolt detail
- Fully detailed gun cradle mount is slide-molded
- Aluminum gun barrel with hollow end
- Gun can elevate to different angles
- Gr.19 and Gr.19 Schwere Betongranate (concrete-piercing) rounds included as bonus
- Propellant charges included
- Gun breech and breechblock represented in detail
- Hand wheels reproduced in detail
- Periscope gun sight in clear plastic
- Lathed brass parts to upgrade details
- TraveL lock realistically represented

Front and Driver Housing:
- Driver’s housing newly reproduced
- New glacis plate given extra detail
- New visor made from clear plastic can be positioned open/closed
- Driver’s vision port with interior detail
- Warm-air vent is slide molded
- New triangular supports rendered with fine detail
- Newly tooled fenders with tread pattern on upper and lower surfaces

Lower Hull, Wheels and Tracks:
- New lower hull made by 2-directional slide molds
- Slide-molded exhaust pipes have hollow ends
- New road wheels and return rollers with realistic detail
- Sprocket is newly tooled specifically for Hummel Late Production. Crisp bolt detail realistically reproduced
- Magic Tracks are newly tooled