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Panzerjäger 38 Marder III H, Fgst.38t Ausf.E ~ Sma

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Hersteller: DRAGON
Artikelnummer: 6420
Maßstab: 1:35

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Plastikbausatz im Maßstab 1:35

inkl. vorgebogene Metallteile, PE Teile, Magic Tracks, Abeckung aus DS Vinyl

- Newly tooled DS canvas cover for fighting compartment w/realistic detail
- Perforated lateral sheets for rear basket made by slide molds
- Rear basket frame is finely reproduced
- Grill made from preformedmetal part
- Handrail is accurately reporduced
- Fighting compartment w/full interior detail
- Gun shield and recoil guard for PaK40/3 gun that traverses and elevates
- Gun shield for Pak40/3 gun
- Workable breech
- Gun sight cover plate can be positioned open or closed
- Armored antenna socked carefully reproduced
- Roof of fighting compartment w/bolt details
- Movable rear Gun lock
- Engine deck Newly-tooled
- Side opening access doors w/details
- Access doors can be assembled as open or closed
- Side armor shields w/overhang details are reproduced by slide molds
- Storage rack made from photo-etched parts
- Movable hull MG w/hollow muzzle
- Vision blocks made from clear parts
- Frontal armor w/interior details
- Lower gun carriage mount for Pak4/3 newly tooled
- Gun lock is finely reproduced w/crisp details
- Fine bolt detail included around exhaust Grill
- Exhaust Grill reworked w/great detail
- Side fenders can be realistically modeled bent like on the real vehicle
- Tail light rack is finely reproduced
- Box for flares included
- Shell racks are finely made
- Option of showing ammunition round in rack
- Firewall w/crisp details
- Transmission system is finely detailed included driver controls
- Inspection hatch can be assembled open/closed
- Muffler and exhaust pipe w/crisp details
- Drive housing is represented in Fine detail
- Bolted front armor plate and glacis are finely reproduced
- Bonus Perforated Storage Box made by photo-etched parts
- Perforated Storage Box is well produced by separaed parts
- Ventilation fan recreated in detail
- Engine exhibits delicate details w/separate parts
- Engine compartment w/full detail
- Muzzle brakes are reproduced from slide mold
- Bonus aluminum Gun barrel
- One-piece Gun barrel from slide mold
- Road wheel and suspension w/crisp details
- Two types of plastic ammunition, shell casing, ammo tubes (open+close) and metal ammo cases w/markings decal
- Magic Track w/casting number detail etched on every Track link