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Flakpanzer I ~ Premium Edition

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Hersteller: DRAGON
Artikelnummer: 6577
Maßstab: 1:35

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- Plastikbausatz in 1:35 für den legendären Flakpanzer I als Premium Edition
- mit PE Teilen, Magic Tracks, Razor Edge dünne Aufbaupanzerung, uvm.

- nicht gebaut/bemalt

- New Flakpanzer I w/trailer realistically presented
- New frontal armor slide-molded parts w/greater detail
- Driver\'s visor can be assembled open or closed
- Newly tooled instrument panel w/crisp detail
- Trailer w/well defined details
- Newly tooled large storage box can be assemebled open or closed
- Trailer can be portrayed in transport or \'at rest\' modes
- Slide-molded one piece gun barrel w/hollow muzzle opening
- Hole positions and shape of flash suppressor & muzzle brake subtly represented
- Three types of barrel (standard model, late model and Schwebelafette version) can be assembled
- New driver\'s seat and controls designed w/intricate detail
- Cannon can be elevated in different positions
- 2cm gun shield for Flakpanzer
- Optional spent shell case frame w/photo-etched net and pre-formed photo-etched spent shell case
- Gun cradel offers great definition of detail-even weld seams are present
- Gun sight w/well defined details
- Battery case w/interior details
- Case lid w/photo-etched parts can be assemebled open or closed
- Highly detailed towing assembly made from separate parts
- Tool box with lock details made form slide molds
- Side and reat armor panels can be assembled in transport or combat mode
- Authentic tread plate pattern on platform
- Suspension assembly w/great detail
- Photo-etched exhaust cover
- Lower hull formed from multiple parts for greater detail
- Fenders w/detailed tread pattern
- Transmission assembly made from multiple slide-molded parts for superb detail
- Round base plate w/authentic details
- Accurate weld seams on the sides of gun platform
- Magic Tracks w/great detail
- Floor layout w/authentic patterning
- Engine deck accurately produced
- Removable transmission inspection cover
- Engine room front panel w/molded details
- Slide-molded spare barrel case w/spare barrel molded inside
- Road wheels featuring Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.A Modified Verison
- Sprocket and idler reproduced in great detail
- Tightening hand wheels around the platform base have sharp detail
- OVM w/molded-on clasps
- Detailed slide-molded ammo boxes
- Slide-molded ammo clips