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M3 75mm Gun Motor Carriage ~ Smart Kit

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Manufacturer: DRAGON
article number: 6467
Scale: 1:35

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Manufacturer: DRAGON


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- Plastikbausatz im Maßstab 1:35

Gun and Shield:
- Brand new M1897A4 75mm gun with complete breech
- Gun traverse system authentically reproduced
- Shield support connecting gun is also included
- Gun shield for M3 75mm GMC is slide-molded
- Gun trails with hand wheels finely reproduced

Fighting Compartment:
- Rear plate specifically designed for M3
- Rear cab door is newly tooled
- Ammunition rack with ammo installed under main gun
- Fighting compartment arrangement specific to M3
- Two types of rear storage bins for M3 GMC
- Newly tooled fighting compartment side armor with detail
- Fine screw-head and rivet detail present
- Top half of cab doors can be assembled in swung-down position
- Delicate steering wheel and controls
- Detailed dashboard instrument panel
- Interior fuel tank with cap
- Photo-etched visors for armored window covers
- Armored front grill with bolt detail can be modeled in two modes;bonus individual photo-etched slats available for open mode
- Front hood mounts reproduced by photo-etched parts
- Detailed rear bucket for GMC M3
- Sharply molded OVM

Chassis and suspension:
- Full drive train assembly with engine transmission,differential housing and suspension units
- Rubber track modeled with center guide band
- Finely detailed one-piece chassis
- Dual drive train with disc-brake assembly
- Fully detailed steering mechanism
- Suspension springs finely rendered
- Sprockets and idler wheels are multi-directional slide-molded
- One piece exhaust and muffler
- Bogie assembly with internal spring detail
- Complete engine with radiator and oil sump
- Differential housing has bolt and rib detail
- Tires intentionally shaped to mimic bulging caused by heavy load

- Bonus driver
- Cartograf decal




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