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M21 Mortar Motor Carriage - Smart Kit

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Manufacturer: DRAGON
article number: 6362
Scale: 1:35

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Manufacturer: DRAGON


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- Plastikbausatz

- Maßstab 1:35

- nicht gebaut/bemalt

- Newly tooled Mortar ammo in rack
- New arrangement of M21 fighting compartment cabin w/interior details
- MG w/hollow muzzle produced by slide molds
- Accurate rubber track modeled w/center guide band
- Full drive train assembly complete w/engine transmission, differential housing and suspension units
- One-piece chassis frame w/correct details
- Rear luggage rack can be assembled in folded or open mode
- New rear door can be assembled open or closed
- 81mm mortar gun barrel made from aluminum metal
- Rear panel w/crisp details
- Side armor peculiar to M21
- Radio w/crisp detail
- Super-detailed multi-direction slide-molded sprocket wheels
- Bonus driver
- New ladder is finely reproduced for M21
- Individual mines w/photo-etched parts
- External mine rack for M21
- Optional one-piece external mine rack (w/mines inside)
- Multi-direction slide-molded idler wheels are superbly reproduced
- Tires intentionally shaped to mimic bulging caused by a heavy load
- Road wheels w/crisp details
- Slide-molded wheel couplings
- Hubcaps w/superb details
- Bogie assembly w/internal spring detail
- Differential housing comes w/bolt and rib details
- Steering mechanism in full detail
- Spring suspension is reproduced well
- Engine complete w/radiator and oil sump
- Headlights w/corresponding light guards
- Winch assembly especially for M21
- Armored front grill w/accurate bolt details can be modeled in two modes: bonus individual photo-etched slats available for the open mode
- Engine hood w/detailed bolt and hinges
- Front window armor can be assembled open/closed; includes finely molded struts
- Front windshield made w/clear parts
- Photo-etched windshield wipers in fine details
- Photo-etched visors for armored wondow covers
- Detailed dashboard instrument panel
- Delicate steering wheel and controls
- Top half of cab doors can be assembled in swing-down position
- Jerry cans w/delicate strap details
- One-piece exhaust and muffler
- Rear tow hook is fully detailed
- Rear mud flaps made from photo-etched parts
- Sharply reproduced on-vehicle tools





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