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Aces High Magazine - Issue 5

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Manufacturer: AK Interactive S.L.
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Manufacturer: AK interactive S.L.

AK interactive S.L.
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380 pages, more than 2.500 images.
This book is a compilation of aircraft scale modelling techniques, step by step guides with hundreds of colour pictures for WWI, WWII, coldwar and modern aircraft, showing a wide range of painting and weathering techniques.
All aspects of aircraft modelling are covered in a way that is both easy to understand and follow. From tools, and how to use various materials, to camouflage painting, markings, engines, pilots, etc.
This is a must have for aircraft modelers. F.A.Q. is a compendium of the main techniques used in aircraft modelling, explained from a beginner level, through to the most complex of tasks.
Created by world famous modeller, Daniel Zamarbide, and aided by the most prominent aircraft modellers in Europe.f

This next issue of our aircraft modelling magazine, is fully dedicated to jet aircraft that participated in the Vietnam conflict. We travel to this hot and humid location, and try to revive the atmosphere of those air battles between the small and agile MiGs, and their opponents from the USAF, US Navy, and Marines. Each of the latter service branches is represented by one aircraft, featured within the pages of Aces High Issue Five, along with a pair of their opponents; two agile MiGs, in spectacular camouflage schemes. To complement these builds, we include a new gallery section and step-by-step articles which show you how to build a figure vignette, and also finish an auxiliary vehicle. So jettison your drop tanks, activate all weapon systems, and fire your afterburners, as we now take to the skies of Vietnam with the latest issue of Aces High magazine!




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