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Sturmgewehre der Welt Band 1 (A - F)

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This volume is the first part of the translation of the basic work of the two authors , entitled "The World's Assault Rifles " , first published in 2010 , are described in the weapons from 51 countries around the world . The term " assault rifle " originated in Germany during the Second World War , and now the term is used almost worldwide . This refers to a handgun , can be shot with the optional single shots or automatic fire. The ammunition feed is from a detachable box magazine - and it is a center cartridge is fired . So the first chapter is devoted to the development of ammunition . Numerous illustrations and drawings of some of them very rare cartridges are used to document here . In the second chapter Principles of Operation and closure systems are called assault rifles . We will proceed in alphabetical order with the developments of individual countries , starting with Egypt and its " Automatic Rifle Misr " , an assault rifle type AKM . This is followed by Albania, Argentina, Armenia , Australia, Belgium , Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria , Burma, Chile , China ( People's Republic and Taiwan ), Denmark, Germany , Dominican Republic, Finland and France. In addition to an introduction to the historical development as well as operating and Zerlegehinweisen , provide tables with technical data for each weapon a quick overview.
Authors : Gary Paul Johnston, Thomas B. Nelson
German language, translated from the English : Bernd Rolff
520 pages
590 SW illustrations and drawings
Format: 19.5 x 27 cm

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