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Heinkel He 162 "Volksjäger" (englisch)

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Manufacturer: HISTORY FACTS


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The primary objective of this source edition is to provide readers with original documents, allowing them to form their own impression of the development, manufacture and operation of the Heinkel He 162. By linking this accumulated data with the historical situation of those times, we hope to have facilitated a more objective assessment of the “Volksjäger” project.
For the purposes of this book, around 200 file documents were selected from a multitude of material on the Heinkel He 162 and reproduced in their original state. Complementing them are some 140 photographs, some of them unpublished hitherto, 50 scale drawings, 30 colour plates and innumerable citations from contemporary documents, teleprints, orders, lectures, reviews and intelligence reports.
To make orientation easy, documents and illustrations are arranged in chapters that follow the historic pass off: Project, devlopment of the Heinkel He 162, manufacturing of the "Volksjaeger", in action within the Luftwaffe and allied war booty are the most important topics. For the first time we achieved to brake down the production and delivery numbers of the Heinkel He 162. Our Source Edition >Heinkel He 162 "Volksjaeger" . Last-Ditch Effort of the Luftwaffe< contains 430 pages of 20x28 cm in Softcover. Most of the original documents are not translated, but discussed in the text. A German-English glossary helps to unterstand the content of those original files.
Rounding off the publication is a comprehensive annex giving details of propulsion units, camouflage schemes, armament, the cockpit, plus the various versions of the Heinkel He 162. An index of individals, place names and subjects and a list of sources and literature, both covering several pages, enables to work sciantifically with our Source Edition >Heinkel He 162 "Volksjaeger" . Last-Ditch Effort of the Luftwaffe<.

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