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Blood,Steel and Myth The II. SS Pz Korps July 1943

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George Nipe, author of "Last Victory in Russia" and "Decision in the Ukraine", has written a revealing and unprecedented re-analysis of the II.SS-Panzer-Korps' operations during the Battle of Kursk in the summer of 1943. Unlike all previous books on the subject, which refer almost exclusively to Russian accounts of the battle, "Blood, Steel and Myth" makes extensive use of original German source material. In so doing he convincingly exposes the conventional wisdom, which through its constant repetition over the years has assumed mythic status, as being fundamentally flawed and patently untrue.

Based principally on Heer and Waffen-SS combat and intelligence reports from the southern sector of the Kursk salient, as well as the individual accounts of veterans, the book covers in detail the daily progress of Operation Citadel. With meticulous attention to detail the author illustrates the unfavorable circumstances and erroneous command decisions which irrevocably doomed Germany's last major offensive in Russia to failure.

The personal notes, conversations and official orders of Generals Hausser, Hoth, and Manstein are all closely scrutinized to shed new light on this much celebrated but incorrectly recounted clash of arms, with particular attention being paid to the "greatest tank battle in history" at Prochorovka. With "Blood, Steel and Myth" George Nipe sets the record straight with all the conviction of an Eastern Front historian whose veracity and impeccable scholarship have been proven time and again.

"Blood, Steel and Myth" is heavily illustrated with hundreds of photos (many previously unpublished) and numerous maps to provide a strong visual component to this unique account of the Kursk Offensive's Southern Front.
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The II. SS-Panzer-Korps
and the road to Prochorowka July 1943

Author(s):  George M. Nipe 
Language(s):  English text
Format:  Hardcover w/dust jacket, 8.5" x 11"
Pages:  496 pages
Photos:  312 B+W wartime photos
Maps:  13 tactical maps, shown at regiment level
Publisher:  RZM Publishing
ISBN:  978-0-9748389-4-6

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