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Assault Gun III. Backbone of German Infantry, Vol1

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Manufacturer: HISTORY FACTS


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As the sources available were giving a lot of information and as the envisaged structure was in two parts, we decided to publish our Assault Gun book in two volumes.

Volume I, History: Development, Production and Deployment

The first Volume of >Assault Gun III . Backbone of the German Infantry< puts the weapon in its historycal context and supports information about production and combat of the Sturmggeschuetz III. Volume II will provide information for identification of variants and their production monthes. Both volumes together will give the readers a full survey of the technical development of the Assault Guns and Assault Howitzers. For the publication >Assault Gun III . Backbone of the German Infantry< there were about 400 documents and document series processed, taken off from a much bigger number of historycal files available. These choosen documents were the base for a new view on the history of that important weapon system of the Wehrmacht. Our documentation is illustrated by some 125 fotographs, some of them unpublished hitherto, 70 graphs and plans about the Assault Gun and has some 500 source references (not references to the literature)! Our documentation >Assault Gun III . Backbone of the German Infantry< contains 316 pages of 20x28 cm.
To make orientation easy, documents and illustrations are arranged in chapters that follow the historic pass off: Technical devlopment of the Sturmgeschuetze, series production, the variants of the Assault Guns and their deployment with Heer, Luftwaffe and Waffen-SS.

Rounding off the publication is an annex giving details of production, acceptance and delivery of the Sturmgeschuetze. For the fist time it was possible to research the production numbers down to the number and to express the production numbers in a way, the reader can recalculate it. A list of literature, covering four pages, closes the appendix of the documentateion >Assault Gun III . Backbone of the German Infantry



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