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Geschenk-Set U.S. LEGENDS: 8th AIR FORCE

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Manufacturer: Revell
article number: REV5794
Scale: 1:72

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Manufacturer: Revell

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Plastic Model Kit for three aircrafts.

- Scale 1:72
- not built/painted

- brush
- glue
- six colours

The U.S. 8th Air Force was stationed in South East England from early in 1942 under the command of Major General Carl A. Spaatz. Whilst preparing for the Allied invasion of Western Europe it expanded to become the largest air force in the history of aviation. From the middle of 1944, the Eighth Air Force was able to deploy more than 2,000 four-engined bombers and 1,000 fighter aircraft for missions against multiple targets. With its strategic daylight raids against German industry and lines of communication as well as enemy airfields and troop positions it made an important contribution to the achievement and sustainment of air superiority and for the Allied victory in Europe. 6866 bombers and 3695 fighter aircraft were lost by the end of the War. In the Summer of 1944 the 8th Air Force had around 1800 Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress under its command. Their maximum bomb-load was 5.8 tons. From the end of 1943, its 15 Fighter Groups gradually converted to the long range P-51B escort fighter armed with six heavy machine-guns. For the first time its bomber formations now received effective protection. From May 1944 the P-47D equipped with eight 12.7 mm MG's proved its worth not only as an escort fighter but especially as a fighter bomber.

- Detailed surfaces with recessed panel joints
- Detailed cockpit with consoles and instrument panel
- Complete bomb bay with loading racks
- 4 bombs
- Rotating chin turret
- Detailed radio operator / navigation room with racks
- Side window option for the MG positions
- Rotating lower MG ball turret
- Detailed upper MG turret
- Choice of 2 MG positions in the tail
- Separate rudder
- Wings may be constructed with lowered flaps
- 4 detailed radial engines including radial exhaust ring
- Separate air intake ducts
- Separate elevators and ailerons
- Detailed undercarriage
- Decal set for a USAAF version: B-17G-40-VE, 42-97976 A Bit O'Lace , 709th Bomb Squadron, 447th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force, Rattlesden AB, England, April 1945
- Length: 321 mm
- Wingspan: 440 mm

- Bombs and underwing fuel tanks
- Alternative under-fuselage drop tank
- Structured surfaces, recessed panel joints
- Detailed cockpit
- Detailed P&W R-2800 radial engine
- Rotating propeller
- Detailed undercarriage
- Decal set for a USAAF version: P-47D-30-RA, 42-28382, HV-S, Ole Cock III , Maj. Donavon F. Smith, 61st FS/56th FG, 8th AF, 1944
- Length: 156 mm
- Wingspan: 172 mm

- Detailed surfaces, recessed panel joints
- Detailed cockpit with instrument panel
- Rotating propeller
- Detailed undercarriage
- Additional fuel tanks
- Decal set for a USAAF version: P-51B, 43-6506, HO-Y, Maj. John Bennett, CO of 487th Fighter Sq., 352th Fighter Group, Bodney AB, England, June 1944
- Length: 135 mm
- Wingspan: 153 mm

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