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US Army paint set (MERDC camouflage)

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Manufacturer: Hataka
article number: HTK-AS51

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Manufacturer: Hataka

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Colorset with fine pigmented acrylic colors.
8x 17ml  

In early 1970s the Mobility Equipment Research & Design Command (MERDC) developed a new camouflage system for US Army vehicles - a set of camouflage patterns that could be adapted to various geographical and seasonal changes by changing one or two colours. The new camouflage was tested and approved in 1975 and it was widely used by US Army until 1984 and introduction of the so-called "NATO scheme". The most commonly used variants included "Winter Verdant" (typically used on vehicles based in Europe) and "Summer Verdant" (most commonly used on vehicles based in the United States).
standard colours of US Army vehicles from mid-1970s till mid-1980s.

The set contains:

    HTK-A016 – Dark Green – FS34079, "MERDC Forrest Green", used in Winter, Summer and Tropical Verdant and Snow with Trees MERDC variants
    HTK-A209 – Field Drab – FS30118, "MERDC Field Drab", used in Winter Verdant, Snow with Open Terrain and Grey Desert MERDC variants
    HTK-A210 – Sand Brown – FS30277, "MERDC Sand", used in all US MERDC camouflage variants except for Tropical Verdant pattern
    HTK-A041 - Night Black – FS37038, "MERDC Black", used in all variants of MERDC standard camouflage scheme of US armoured vehicles
    HTK-A211 – Interior Green – FS34151, "MERDC Light Green", used in Summer and Tropical Verdant variants of US MERDC camouflage
    HTK-A021 – Medium Green – FS34102, "MERDC Dark Green", used in Tropical Verdant variant of US MERDC camouflage scheme
    HTK-A212 – Earth Yellow – FS30257, "MERDC Earth Yellow", used in Grey Desert and Red Desert variants of US MERDC camouflage
    HTK-A213 – Earth Red – FS30117, "MERDC Earth Red", used in Red Desert variant of US Army MERDC standard camouflage scheme




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