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Modern Portuguese AF paint set vol.1

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Manufacturer: Hataka
article number: HTK-AS56

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Manufacturer: Hataka

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Colorset with fine pigmented acrylic colors.
8x 17ml  

In the early 1960s Portugal engaged in what was later known as the Portuguese Colonial War ("Guerra do Ultramar" in Portugal) that lasted till 1974 on fronts in Angola, Mozambique and Portuguese Guinea. Portuguese AF (FAP) detached to the theatre a variety of aircraft, including T-6G/Harvard Mk IV, B-26B Invader, F-84G Thunderjet, F-86F Sabre, Fiat G.91, Nord Noratlas, Dornier Do-27, Alouette II & III and SA-330 Puma helicopters. All wearing either respective standard peace-time painting schemes or temporary war-time camouflage of "anti-radiation green" (colour similar to FS34079).

HTK-AS56 includes standard colours of Portuguese aircraft from 1950s to 1970s. The set contains:

    HTK-A078 – Aluminium – Standard overall colour of FAP's T-6G/Harvard Mk IV, F-84G Thunderjet, F-86F Sabre and T-33A Shooting Star (initial scheme of the latter two)
    HTK-A045 – Air Defence Grey – FS16473, standard overall colour of FAP's F-86F Sabre, Fiat G.91 R/4 (introduced in late 1960s / early 1970s) and T-33A Shooting Star (1980)
    HTK-A220 – True Blue – FS15102, initially used for high-visibility identification of F-86F Sabre of Esquadra 51 "Falcões", after 1968/69 used on all F-86Fs of FAP
    HTK-A192 - Basalt Grey – RAL7012, used for upper surfaces in original scheme of Fiat G.91 R/3 and R/4, Nord Noratlas and Dornier Do-27 (Norm 62/72 scheme)
    HTK-A193 – Yellow Olive – RAL6014, used for upper surfaces in original scheme of Fiat G.91 R/3 and R/4, Nord Noratlas and Dornier Do-27 (Norm 62/72 scheme)
    HTK-A223 – Pigeon Blue – RAL5014, used for lower surfaces in original scheme of Fiat G.91 R/4 (airframes not accepted by Greece and taken over by Portugal)
    HTK-A189 – Silver Grey – RAL7001, used for lower surfaces in Norm 62/72 scheme painted aircraft (incl. ex-German Fiat G.91 R/3, Nord Noratlas and Dornier Do-27)
    HTK-A016 – Dark Green – FS34079, the best match for "anti-radiation green paint", widely used during Colonial War (incl. on Fiat G.91, B-26B, Do-27, Nord Noratlas)



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