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Modern German Luftwaffe paint set vol. 1

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Manufacturer: Hataka
article number: HTK-AS48

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Manufacturer: Hataka

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Colorset with fine pigmented acrylic colors.
8x 17ml  

Since 1960s till early 1980s Luftwaffe used different variants of two-tone camouflage - Norm 62, Norm 72 and finally Norm 76 used on early Tornados - composed of Basalt Grey and Yellow Olive on upper surfaces. German Navy Aviation (Marineflieger) used Norm 76 camouflage variant with Basalt Grey on upper surfaces and either White Aluminium or Light Grey on lower surfaces. The early schemes frequently featured also the high-vis elements of Luminous Orange. Early fighters (CL-13, F-84 and F-104) wore overall natural metal (aluminium) livery, except for lower surfaces of F-104s wings that were painted in Voodoo Grey.

HTK-AS48 includes colours for all above mentioned planes.

 The set contains:

    HTK-A189 – Silver Grey – RAL7001, used for lower surfaces in Norm 62 (Fiat G.91, CL-13, F-84), Norm 72 (Alpha Jet A), Norm 76 (Tornado IDS/ECR) schemes
    HTK-A190 – White Aluminium – RAL9006, used for lower surfaces in Norm 62 (F-104G), Norm 72 (RF/F-4E/F, C-160D) and Norm 76 Marineflieger (F-104G) schemes
    HTK-A191 – Light Grey – RAL7035, used for lower surfaces in Norm 76 Marineflieger scheme (Panavia Tornado IDS, Sea Lynx Mk 88, Super Lynx Mk 88A)
    HTK-A192 - Basalt Grey – RAL7012, used for upper surfaces in Norm 62, 72, 76 and Norm 76 Marineflieger schemes. Early colour of SAR Sea King Mk 41s
    HTK-A193 – Yellow Olive – RAL6014, used for upper surfaces in Norm 62 (incl. F-104G, Fiat G.91), Norm 72 (incl. RF-4E & F-4F) and Norm 76 (Tornado IDS/ECR)
    HTK-A194 – Luminous Orange – RAL2005, used for high-viz identification markings in Norm 62, 72 and 76 Marineflieger schemes. Also on SAR Sea King Mk 41s
    HTK-A078 – Aluminium – Overall colour of early Luftwaffe CL-13 Sabre, F-84 Thunderstreak and F/TF-104G Starfighter (except for lower wing surfaces)
    HTK-A201 – Voodoo Grey – FS16515, used for lower surfaces of wings of early Luftwaffe F-104 Starfighters when operated in natural metal overall livery




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