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Modern Belgian AF paint set vol.2

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Manufacturer: Hataka
article number: HTK-AS64

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Manufacturer: Hataka

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Colorset with fine pigmented acrylic colors.
8x 17ml  

Since the withdrawal from operations of many aircraft types after the end of the cold war (in early 1990s), the Belgian AF (renamed Air Component of the Belgian Armed Forces in 2002) has used limited number of colours. F-16AM/BM fleet wears the standard three-colour F-16 scheme of FS36270, FS36118 and FS36375. The latter two colours are also used on current camouflage scheme of Alpha Jets (since 2005 detached to the "Advanced Jet Training School" at Cazaux, France). Westland Sea King Mk.48s (SAR variant) wear a unique scheme of BS Olive Green and BS Light Stone wrap-around, while the most modern helicopters feature FS34079 Dark Green for army use (A109BA, NH90 TTH) or FS26440 Light Gull Grey for navy use (NH90 MTH).

HTK-AS64 includes standard colours of Belgian aircraft since 1990s. The set contains:

    HTK-A016 – Dark Green – FS34079, overall colour of Belgian AF NH90 TTH (Tactical Transport Helicopter) and Agusta A109BA Hirundo
    HTK-A048 – Light Gull Grey – FS36440, overall colour of Belgian Navy NH90 MTH (Multi-purpose Transport Helicopter, used for ASW and SAR)
    HTK-A062 – International Orange – Approximate colour of high-visibility markings of Belgian AF Westland Sea King Mk.48 and Alpha Jet 1B trainers
    HTK-A237 – BS Light Stone – BS381C:361, used for wraparound camouflage of Belgian AF Westland Sea King Mk.48 (Search and Rescue variant)
    HTK-A236 - BS Olive Green – BS381C:220, used for wraparound camouflage of Belgian AF Westland Sea King Mk.48 (Search and Rescue variant)
    HTK-A054 – Grey – FS36270, standard colour of upper / side surfaces of F-16s in three-colour scheme (including Belgian F-16AM/BM)
    HTK-A031 – Gunship Grey – FS36118, standard colour of upper surfaces of Belgian AF F-16AM/BM, also on upper surfaces of Alpha Jet trainers
    HTK-A037 – Light Ghost Grey – FS36375, standard colour of lower surfaces of Belgian AF F-16AM/BM, also on lower surfaces of Alpha Jet trainers



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