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Abrams Squad #07

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Hersteller: PLA Editions
Artikelnummer: ABSQ07

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englischsprachige Fachzeitschrift für moderne Fahrzeuge, 76 Seiten DIN A4

4 – Commander’s Display Unit: A regular section devoted to news and reviews of model kits, aftermarkets, books and much more.

8 – Remote Thermal Sight: This time we assemble the new Panda BMD-1. A charming model that allows you to love it. It´s an easy kit, like old school kits, but it is as good as the newest ones. We made it straight out of the box so you can do it with flying colors.

16 – Bm-21 grad : Wu Bayin is a young modeler with a lot of talent, and when he does a job, he does it right. This is the second time he graces us at Abrams Squad. He made a simple kit, as the BM-21 is, and turns out an insanely attractive one without losing a shred of reality.

28– Desert Hulk : There are a lot of friends in this issue. Volker Bembennek comes back to give us a tutorial about the fantastic diorama he has made for his Paladin that we published in the first issue of Abrams Squad.

40 – Type 69II : We couldn´t resist opening the doors wide again to our good friend Lukasz Orczyc – Musialek. Ok, we know that the Type 69 II is perfect to do all kinds of effects, but not everyone knows how to do it as well as Lukasz does. You will enjoy it for sure.

52 – Achzarit : Trying to bring you a wider variety of articles, Chris Jerrett is again with us. Now he takes advantage of his experience and makes the ugly Achzarit an eye-catching model, and you can see it here in Abrams Squad.

62 – ASLAV : The icing on the cake, Pere Pla delights us with this unusual vehicle. You can´t miss his innovative dusting technique! Abrams Squad’s I+D that we hope you will like and try it soon in your next model.

70 – Eurosatory 2014 : Up to the minute in defense technology, it happened last June at Paris in the Land and Air-land Defence and Security Exhibition. Our lovely friend Julie Ludman was there and now shows us photos of vehicles that maybe one day we’ll see as scale model kits, and why not in Abrams Squad?

76 – Turret Basket: at the end of every issue you’ll find the kits that we’ll find in the market soon and some teasers of the next Abrams Squad Magazine.