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Panzer IV Ausf.B mit Schneeräumer System Schmidt

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Hersteller: DRAGON
Artikelnummer: 6764
Maßstab: 1:35

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Plastikmodellbausatz zum Bau eines Panzer IV mit Schneepflug
- inkl. Alurohr, PE Teile und Magic Tracks
- Maßstab 1:35
. nicht gebaut/bemalt

Newly tooled Schneeraumer System Schmidt produced by multiple parts
Newly designed Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf.B mit Schneeraumer System Schmidt
Bonus set of fenders w/o locating holes to preserve fender details and offer more customization potential
Bonus aluminum barrel
Mounting ladder and track tools produced by photo-etched metal
Beautifully detailed Kwk 37 L/24 gun w/early antenna deflector
Slide-molded coaxial MG w/hollow muzzle
Correct basket for spent ammo cases
Includes the hollowed-out undercut on the turret bottom
5-directional slide-molded commander's cupola authentically recreates structural details
Commander's hatch w/interior detail
Clear parts for vision port armored glass
Vision port w/open or closed option
Cupola hatches can be assembled open or closed
Direct sighting post can be made from supplied photo-etched parts
Signal ports and ventilation hatch cover can be modeled open/closed
Turret turntable included
Accurate weld seams on turret
Mantlet guard can be removed and gun fitted like real vehicle
Detailed gun muzzle
Accurate rifling inside gun barrel
Includes the hollowed-out undercut on the turret bottom
Side hatches can be assembled open/closed w/interior details
Hatch hinges allow hatches to realistically swing open
Driver's hatch and radio operator's hatch w/interior detail and external rubber bump stops
Hatches and driver's vision port can be assembled open/closed
Commander's, loader's and gunner's seats included
Turntable w/accurate floor pattern
Driver's interior periscope assembly in fine detail
Front superstructure plate rendered w/details
Ausf.B engine deck w/round hatch locks
Hull bottom formed by multiple parts for greater details
Fuel filler hatch can be assembled open/closed
Exhaust pipe w/fine detail
Towing eye brackets in extreme detail w/numerous separate parts
Chain on towing eye brackets made from photo-etched parts
Muffler made in multiple parts for greater detail
Separate front and rear fenders can be posed in a folded-back position
Idler adjuster mountings have the most accurate details possible w/gear inside
Realistic parting line on rubber rims
Rubber rims on wheels have accurate width
Realistically designed road wheels and hubcaps
Suspension armored covers come as separate parts
Correctly detailed idler wheels w/numerous separate parts
Astoundingly delicate slide-molded and photo-etched parts
Realistic suspension w/multiple components
Metal wire for lamp electrical wining
Hooks for tow rope made w/preformed brass rod
Slide-molded track links w/authentic central guide horns
Both left and right tracks accurately modeled
Injected fenders are made to the thinnest possibe dimensions
Side fenders w/pattern detail on both top and bottom surfaces
Final-drive housing w/details on both sides
Sprocket wheels w/breathtaking details are produced by multiple parts
Additional bolts molded on
Separate armored cover for final-drive housing
Road wheels exhibit extreme detail w/separate rubber rims and hubs
Brass ammo rounds
Early-style jerry cans w/photo-etched parts
Both injection-molded on-vehicle tools w/clasps and w/o clasps included
Extendable jack w/separate parts
Headlights with clear parts inside
Tow cable heads have hollow ends courtesy of slide molds
Accurately designed transmission and steering brake access hatches can be modeled open/closed
Fans and coupling modeled in several parts to provide interior detail