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25.07.2014 - week's news - calendar week 30

This week it was once again a bit quieter - but that is just the calm before the storm of new kits in the coming time
But of course, smaller quantities of many different news are here every day, as of Bronco, Revell, Tamiya, HÄT, Hasegawa, Stalingrad, Herpa, etc.
And after years of announcements finally the MR Modellbau 1t mounted crane for the 10t gl MAN of Revell is available!
For Pre-order, we have the figures of Valkyrie models, the brand new metal barrels of RB and the new magazine / model of Wrzesien 1939

18.07.2014 - week's news - calendar week 28/29

For personal reasons accounted we passed lat weeks review, so this time a review of the past two weeks is given.
We got the legendary Bf-109 by Eduard as Royal Class kit and already anticipate the next replenishment
Also the current Legend news arrived directly from stock.
Surprisingly this week came the great kit of the 8.8 cm FlaK on VOMAG truck in 1:72 scale of Roden to the warehouse and is immediately available.
Pre-order is now on the new Panzerstahl exclusive 1:72 diecast model, the Object 704
Also on pre-order and next weekin stock are the latest color and weathering sets of Ammo of Mig.
For the 1:35 we have pre-orderable news from Masterbox as well as the huge T-35 tank from Hobby Boss. Anyone enoying the Tank Mark IV of WW1, can currently choose from the pre-orderable articles from Tamiya and Takom, where Takom offers both the Male and Female. Who wants to have one of these kits, you should pre-order this.

05.07.2014 - week's news - calendar week 27

This week has been only a little news. The current Tankograd novelties, as well as the new sets of Dolp and Quickwheel have arrived and are directly available. New sets of Meng Models as the new pickup and the movable single track link for Leopard 1 have arrived and also directly available. Moreover the brand new Panzerhaubitze 2000 tank by Meng, which is announced for end of August is now on preorder!
Also on pre-order is the Panzer 35(t) of Bronco, which is expected already here soon.
And from Dragon, there are again an interesting novelty for pre-order, which is expected any moment … it is the M6A1 from the Black Label Series
Otherwise we wish you a nice sunny weekend..

27.06.2014 - week's news - calendar week 26

Summer is not really getting started … perfect to do further modeling.
As of now, the new M6A1 Heavy Tank from Dragon, as well as the brand new KV-5 from Takom are on pre-order at cheap prices - delivery should be in mid July
Immediately available now are the excellent tools and dry transfer sets of Adam Wilder
And from Black Dog the latest new products have arrived and are available directly from stock.


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