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19.06.2015 - week's news - calendar week 25

Today there is again a retrospective of the past 2 weeks.
First, we can announce that the overdue Panzerhaubitze 2000 with roof armor arrived along with the T-10 in 1:35 from Meng Models and is directly available.
For the aircraft lovers is the 1:32 Ta-152 H0 of Zoukei Mura is delivered!
The latest hot Star Wars New Releases by Bandai are on the way to us and we expect them here shortly
You can pre-order now the latest book from the Luftfahrtverlag and be the first bein belivered in early September, which are automatically supplied. The book on the Panther Division "Brandenburg" again promises many new photos and sensational information.
Also available now for preorder is the DAK Tiger I of the brand new company Rye Field Models. First images show impressive quality at a fair price. So if you want one, you should pre-order in advance.
Also available now for preorder are the three brand-new 1:35 Chieftain kits of Takom, as well as their 3in1 Mark V kit. We recommend urgent reservation, especially since there are these for a short time to the cheaper Preorder.
Additionally we have received this weeks big restocks and novelties from AK Interactive. Also of further small batch manufacturers, we have replenished stocks again and partially received many new sets. So around 30 new sets are of Panzerart in 1:35 available, Leopard Workshop has delivered some great metal and Resinr barrels for Leopard 1 and 2 and of LiveResin, Tank and Reality in Scale we got nice, new products massively and available in the shop. And last, the three new sets of tires for the Bundeswehr Luchs scout car arrived today. These fit both Takom and Revell!

17.07.2015 - week's news - calendar week 29

Although summer just comes back with great strides, we have a lot of fantastic news for your modelling desk
As announced last week, we got delivered the long-awaited news in 1:35 of Takom earlier this week - these are the huge 12,8cm Flakzwilling and Skoda Turtle! Who still does not have one, should order quickly before they are sold off again!
Also from Revell we got the latest new kits - especially the 1:72. C-54 Skymaster and the Boxer A1 in 1:72 as FüFz
From Eduard comes in August a Tiger II in 1:35 as a Weekend Edition and you can pre-order this for under 30 Euros from us!
Of Italer the highly anticipated 4x4 Iveco Lince in 1:35has been delivered and is directly available
The latest new products from MiniArt in 1:35 have also just arrived and are in stock
The range of FlaHawk was expanded this week massively - we hope that the delivery will reach us soon. Those who want to make sure to get those sets, should pre-order quickly.
Also Blackdog pleases us again with a bunch of inews and the increase in stocks
And who has missed the legendary Panzerputty in recent weeks and months ... Then you will be happy to hear that such is back in good quality under the label of MBK!

10.07.2015 - week's news - calendar week 27/28

This week we got the complete bunch of new colors, washings and literature of Ammo of Mig - it is now all of them available, so be quick and get what you need.
Furthermore you can now pre-order the brandnew Panther D from Tamiya in 1:35 plus three optional accessory kits. The delivery is expected about mid-August
Then we also got a big swing of Eduard sets and kits as well as the actual news
Brandnew we have the manufacturer Flyhawk with a huge selection of beautiful PE sets … we already have many articles listed and next week to follow more. The first shipment is already on its way to us. So order in advance to get some.
Also from Voyager we have again received a large shipment ... The stock is replenished and various new products are available
And we are pleased to inform you that we finally received a bunch of kits of Eastern Express and Ark Model as well as several new kits.
And a little preview for next week: Clean up your modelling table, because the large 12,8cm Zwillingsflak of Takom in 1:35 will be delivered here most likely the next week and all pre-orders will be shipped then. Who has not ordered yet and wants to be sure of a kit should not hesitate to order now!

26.06.2015 - week's news - calendar week 26

This week we have taken a first big bang for pre-order in the shop. 75 x 60cm when built is the Horsa Glider by Bronco in 1:35 scale! With us you can yet order it for a reasonable preorder price.
Just arrived are the very latest news from Hobby Boss and Trumpeter.
A load of new barrels we have received from Master and additionally replenished stocks again
In addition, we are pleased that we can offer you the very beautiful figures of 1:35 EVOLUTION shortly - we have them already unlocked in the shop. So you can already pre-order at will.
Many ranges have been replenished and partially filled with new products ... Just have a closer look through our online shop.
DHL strike is actually still valid. Sometimes there are delays of up to 2 weeks. We would like to point out again that we offer also UPS as an alternative shipping option in Germany and several other countries.



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